Wondering about our process?

Do you charge for the first meeting?

We offer a free one-hour consultation to get a sense of your organization, your needs and how we can help you.

What types of content do you write?

We write articles/blog posts such as ultimate guides, how to’s, interview articles, guides, list posts, white papers,  website copy, bios, FAQ’s, etc.

We have written all sorts of materials for a variety of clients. Let us know what you need!

Why should we use a writing company?

You don’t have the SEO skillset, time, or inclination to focus on writing materials to market your business. We LOVE writing SEO content to bring more eyeballs and awareness to your brand. 

Why choose AIM Writers, LLC?

We are certified content marketing writers. Before writing one word, we solidify your goals and determine what success means for your article. We do the research and write the pieces to engage your potential customers while delivering SEO content that follows Google’s ranking criteria. 

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