This year began, as many do, with goal setting both by Nicole and me as individuals and for our writing partnership. One of our identified partnership goals is volunteering with a few nonprofits whose missions resonate with us. Already we have found an organization providing equine-assisted therapies for people with special needs in Texas. I have ridden horses since I was seven and currently have two retired horses on my farm. Nicole has worked with special needs children during her time in the field of education, so this project is a special and comfortable fit for both of us. We feel confident we can help their Executive Director narrow and focus their grant writing and application process to better impact their programs. It has been a rewarding exchange so far and when we have completed our mission with them, we may share more particulars. Volunteering our skills to help talented nonprofits maintain their programming and serve their communities is both a gratifying and humbling experience. Here’s to volunteerism, truly the backbone of many nonprofits, keeping both their missions and visions alive and thriving!

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