Once upon a time, there was a small business owner who had a unique product to sell. She knew she would have lots of work ahead to get her brand established. She hired a designer to create a fancy website for her product. She bought all the accounting software she would need to sell her product and learned how to use it. Then word started to spread about her amazing product. Suddenly, she was flooded with orders and the process of fulfilling those orders overwhelmed her. Soon, people were clamoring for more products and so she devoted her time to creating them as well as taking care of her initial clients.

She hired someone to help her run the books so she could spend her time more productively talking to clients and deciding how best to fit their needs. But as she was spending more and more time creating her product, she had less and less time to spend writing about her product to inform her clients and potential clients. She needed a way to reach them to inform them about her creations and to establish herself as the authority on her products and her brand. How could she best achieve that when she was already stretched so short? She decided to hire a qualified writer to take her ideas and flesh them out into marketable stories about her brand.

Are you that small business owner? Do you find yourself drowning in all the tasks you need to achieve to keep your vision of your service or product alive? Don’t have time to put your thoughts into words? Call AIM Writers, LLC today and we can help you create a content marketing strategy and find the right words to convey your story with impact so you and your business can live happily ever after.  The end! 

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