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Featured Project 1

Fibrosarcoma in Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Cancer (2020)

Long-form – 2200+ words piece written to SEO keyword Fibrosarcoma in Dogs, with secondary keywords of Oral Fibrosarcoma, What Does Fibrosarcoma Look Like, What Causes Fibrosarcoma. The guide includes a definition of fibrosarcoma and oral fibrosarcoma, what they look like, how it is diagnosed, and treatment options. It is a comprehensive reference point for people whose dogs have been newly diagnosed with fibrosarcoma or oral fibrosarcoma that guides them from diagnosis to treatment options.


cover of Frugal Living: Ultimate Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom

Featured Project 2

Cancer Hope Network:
Hope starts here

1600+ word marketing piece on the national non-profit Cancer Hope Network. The article features an overview of services the Cancer Hope Network provides to newly diagnosed cancer patients. Also features the experiences of two support volunteers and their experiences working with cancer patients sharing their story to provide information and hope.


cover of Frugal Living: Ultimate Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom

Featured Project 3

Frugal Living: The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom

Long-form – 3500+ words piece written to SEO keyword Frugal Living, with secondary keywords of frugal living tips, frugal living tips from the Great Depression, frugal living tips for seniors. The guide includes what frugal living means, how to achieve it,  along with handy tips to begin the journey. It is the be-all, end-all to learn how to live frugally with the goal of achieving financial freedom.

cover of Frugal Living: Ultimate Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom

Additional Portfolio Pieces

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"This is really a beautifully written piece, Vicki. I’m so thankful for all of the work and obvious skill you put into it. I think it will be a wonderful help in helping people find hope."

Sarah Miretti Cassidy, Director of External Affairs, Cancer Hope Network

"Vicki is a consummate professional and skilled writer/editor."

Traci Marotta, Publisher, Best Version Media

"I love working with Vicki! She is a very talented writer and content coordinator who is extremely conscientious in both details and deadlines. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Vicki to anyone needing writing and editing services."

Susan Wilinski, Freelance Writer/Editor

"Vicki is a great writer and communicator. Responsive and easy to get in touch with and was very timely in completing the project."

Holly Robinson, Exec Dir, Grace Lake Therapeutic Horsemanship, Texas

"Nicole is .... a terrific writer and captured the essence of our organization. Nicole is extremely professional and personable. She immediately understood the concept of the project and went right to work. "

Janet Altman, Exec Dir, Alray Scholars Program, Boston, MA

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